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Ok, did a quick translation. But keep in mind that English is not my native language and I haven't played the game yet. Hope it helps.

HTML Code:
Solution for "Sixth Sense Investigations"

Firstly a remark: In the game there are often conversions,
that can be solved by giving the right answers. Those are
noted as numbers. (3;1) means for example that you have
to give the third answer from above and then the first.

Chapter 1: The Present

At the beginning one finds himself in the person of
Frank in a bedroom. Open the door and enter the
office in which you should use the telephone. Now
listen to and look at the scene carefully. Afterwards
you can open the right cabinet door and take the glass
and the beer mat. Then leave the office and go to
"American Cheesers" on the map. After you have seen
wherin the problem of the shopkeeper lies, take
the cheese crumbs and open the right cabinet inside the
shop. There a pole falls towards you which you use with
the stone in front on the table. With the now sharp pole
you can now stab the cheese... errr I mean prick it all
over. After the following scene take the robot's arm
and use the map. Go to the toy factory next. In the
chaos there you look for a tennis ball and the towel
(above the chest next to the forklift) and leave the
building heading for "Go marching in". Having arrived
there, use the towel to clean the battery (beside the
blue car). Take the now clean battery with you. Now
head to "Toys 'n U" again. There you open the engine
bonnet of the forklift and put the battery in (use
with engine). Now you can pull the lever and take
the medallion. Then go to the laboratory where you
give the medallion and the robot's arm to the
doctor. Now go outside shortly and immediately back
into the laboratory. Now follows a conversation
with the doctor (answer 1, 2). Use the map afterwards,
but instead of the map, Ben shows up who finds
himself in troubles in another dimension.

Chapter 2: The Robot Dimension

After arriving in the robot dimension, you talk to
robot guard Ralph (answers 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1).
After the interrogation at the emperor you use
the pocket knife with the ventilation shaft and you
can escape. After getting outside, go to the right
until you get to a street ("Walkstreet"). There
you go to the pawnbroker (down the stairs) whom
you give the necklace. You get a credit card for
it. Now take the tin, both pieces of the armour
and the Swatch watch (on the counter). Back to
the street and to the palace again (where you came
from) and use the tin with the refuse chute. Then
search the tin and you find out that inside is a
lever. Back to the street again, where you go to
the "Pub Lup". Use the tin with the oil bottle that
stands on the table. To the street again, where you
talk to the drunken robot Howard (answers 2, 2, 1)
and give him the oil. Give the map back to Howard
and on the map that shows up, go to the doctor.
Talk to the doctor there (answers 2, 2, 3, 1). After
that pull the lower lever, then the left one and then
the one right beside. Then use the found lever with
the slot next to the winch and pull it too. Then a
conversation with the doctor and the operation can
begin. After the operation back to the Walkstreet.
There give first the map and then the watch to the
driver. Give him the map again and go to Sixth
Sense Investigations. After the talk with ghost
Arthur go to the laboratory and the game switches
to Frank again.

Chapter 3: The Present Part II

After the scene with Arthur, go to "Toys 'n U"
where you use the analyser.  Back to the
laboratory and give the analyser to the doctor.
Head to the Sixth Sense office and catch the
mouse. Use the cheese crumbs with the mousehole,
then the glass with the mouse and then the beer
mat with the glass. With the mouse in the glass
go to Goldenhouer's villa where you talk to
Mr. Goldenhouer (answers 1, 2, 2, 3). Now use
the tennis ball with the right knight's armour
and examine it then. After the cat finished
sleeping, use the mouse with the cat. Now go to
Charles' room, where you don't stay long. Go to
the car dealer again, where you get the broken
tyre and the air pump. Then go to "American
Cheesers" where you use the tyre with the hot
cheese. Now pump up the tyre and get the hammer
from "Toys 'n U". Back to the villa, where you
hit the wheel cover with the hammer. After
Charles left his room, enter it and get the
console. Bring the console to the doctor.
To be able to use the Interkey, you have to go
to "Go marching in" and enter the garage. Because
a shop assistant forestalls you, buy a car from
him and go to the garage again. Then tell the
shop assistant that you have problems with the car,
so so he lets you enter the garage. There use the
Interkey and you'll find yourself in the toon

Chapter 4: The Toon Dimension

After arriving in the toon dimension, go to the
border and talk to Curt until he lets you pass.
Then go further to the market street, take the
note from the door of the Sixth Sense branch and
examine it. Take the leaflet and examine it too.
Then go to the marketplace where you use the
bell on the right after talking to the policeman.
Talk to the speaker (all answers work). After
getting to the hiding place, take the aerosol can
and talk to Frick (the fox). Because that doesn't
work, talk to Mr. Peanuts. After the conversation
go back to the market street into the glasses shop.
Use the spray with the glasses. Then take the account
book and go back to the marketplace where you give it
to the policeman who stands behind the shadow of a
tree. Back to the glasses shop where you take the
sunglasses. Then go to the market street where you
examine the letterbox and then use the glue
with the envelope that's in the letterbox. Open
the envelope and read the letter. Go to the park
and give the letter to the guard. After a further
talk with him give him the sunglasses. Go back to
the police and use the bell and arbitrate between
Shirley and Porkey until he falls asleep. Take
the scissors and cut the keys from Porkey. After
a conversation with Brad Pig about the record
by Mr. Peanuts open the cell door with the keys.
Take the uniform and give it to Brad. At the bank
Brad tells you that he needs a part of a clock, so
you go back to the police, open the wall clock and
take it. The back to the bank quickly. After the
explosion go into the bank and take the three
pieces of debris in front of the safe and then
the small whell that lies underneath. Use it with
the safe and open it. Take the key from the safe
and open the drawer on the right side of the room.
Take the record and bring it to Mr. Peanuts. Now
you can talk to Frick and you hear about a client
named Sally. Take the bottle from the right side,
go to the marketplace and further to the park where
you use the button to enter and then block the
fountain with the cork. Go back to the hiding place
again and tell Arthur that all is done. After
the scene in the park the game switches once
more to Ben.

Chapter 5: The Robot Dimension Part II

After the dialogue with Sally, talk to the soldier
until you're being cast into prison. Give Ralph the
console and then break from the prison (use knife
with air outlet). Go once more to Walkstreet and
give Bernie (the taxi driver) the map. Go to the
computer centre. First use the switch on the right
side of the room next to the flashing lights.
Further to the right you pull the lever three times,
so the main terminal boots up. Push the switch with
the red border on the left side and then the lever
even further to the left. Examine the monitor on 
the upper right next. Enter the code (4273) into
the main computer (fouth button, second button etc.)
and press the big button. Finally all is done and you
can go back to Walkstreet, where you give the map to
Bernie and go to Sixth Sense. Use the platform
on the right side and enjoy the ending.

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