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Games that require a mouse

Yup, I know this seems like a HUGE topic and a rather pointless one at that. There is a reason though: I received my Rollermouse for my CD32 today and it works GREAT! Why using a trackball for games you may wonder? Hehehe, I have my CD32 by the bed and I simply want to be able to lie in bed and play Lemmings or some of my favorite point n' clickies or Clockwiser. I can FINALLY play Lemmings and have sex simultaneously


Anyway! I will knock up a disc with all kinds of games that require a mouse just for the fun of it, so I need advice for cool games that won't ever work with just a joypad but still can be played without a keyboard.

No obvious entries such as point and click adventures or hardcore strategy/RPGs please!!! Puzzle games, arcade/action games and borderline cases are welcome though as are not so obvious strategy/RPGs. Games that require saving are for obvious reasons not of too much interest.

Confusing? Heh. I'll start with a few: Brat, Rock n' Roll, POW, Impact, Arkanoid, Walker.

Don't worry, I won't make a poll so feel free to recommend me as many as you like!
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