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Originally Posted by _Steve_
No matter what I have tried, I cannot get this game to run. If I try P-J's suggestions along with Bloodwych's options, I get nowhere (clicking the "msdos" pif just opens and closes the dosprompt, and running it from the dospromt just gives "Program too large to fit in memory".

So I downloaded DOSBox 0.70 and tried running it with that....only to have that fail as well. (It gets to the MF screen logo, then that fades away, and I'm left with a black screen permanently). The game isn't listed on DOSBoxs' compatibility and some of the front ends you can get list it as "Not Working" (I have both D.O.G and D-Fend2).

I have had DOSBox working fine for other games in the past (Jimmy White, James Pond 2 Robocod, Pinball Fantasies - although the Amiga versions are better, and Turrican 2), back when I first downloaded v0.61.
It happens to me exactly the same
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