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Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey wrote about Space Crusade
It does have similarities to something like Laser Squad I guess, though I haven't played that very often.
Laser Squad has action points.
I dislike action points.

The only real problem with SC for me is that, being based on a board game it relies a lot on dice rolls, which means that all the forward-planning in the world won't save you from defeat by a humble orc from time to time.
When I was a child I loved diceroll combat. In D&D for example. But then I found Total Chaos and it convinced me that strategic combat is much superior and more fun! So I have strongly disliked dice rolling combat ever since. This may be the "problem" that I was trying to dredge out of my rusty 64k memory.

But it's really atmospheric and accessible, anyone can play it really, rope in a couple of friends (even if they don't like this sort of game normally - it's worked for me and I've managed to get a few friends hooked on it) and you can lose hours in it, really you can.
Good points indeed!

Does Space Crusade autosave the game after every turn?

Does it have an undo button? (for when I accidentally hit the wrong thing and make a tremendously dumb move)

Does it install to HD?

Sorry if this isn't useful to you, don't have loads of experience with this sort of game so I'm only telling to you what I can (though I've been dying to try Total Chaos properly, if only I had the time).
Very useful! And if you try Total Chaos make sure to play the new Newbie Edition (It is the sequel to Total Chaos: Battle at the Frontier of Time)
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