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from babelfish

A remark in front: In the play discussions often take place, which can be solved by correct answers. These are here noted as numbers. (3;1) means for example, which will give first the 3 answer from above and afterwards the first answer from above must. Chapter 1: The presence at the beginning one appears in the person of franc in a bedroom. One opens the door, and enters the office in which one the telephone use should. Now and regard you hear you the scene well. Afterwards can open already once (right) the cabinet door for it and carry the glass and a beer cover forward. Then leave you the office and go on the map to "American Cheesers". After saw you, wherein the problem of the owner of shop lies, take up you the Kaesekruemel and open for completely right cabinet in the shop inside. There you a bar falls against it with the stone in front on the table used. With the sharp bar can you now the cheese murder... aehh I mean to zerstechen. After the following scene carry forward you the bionic arm and go to the map. Next geht's to the toy factory. In that there chaos looks for you the tennis ball and the towel (over the crate beside the fork-lift truck) and leaves the building again direction "Go marching in". There arrived you use the towel around the battery (beside that blue car) to clean. The clean battery carries it forward. Now geht's again to "Toys ' n U". There you open the hood of the fork-lift truck and set the battery (used with engine). Now can pull the lever to it and carry the Medallion forward. Then on to the laboratory where you the Doc the Medallion and the bionic arm give. Now you go to outside and then immediately briefly again into the laboratory. Now a discussion with the Doc (answer 1, 2) follows. Afterwards you go again to the map, but instead of the map Ben appears in another dimension in difficulties is at present. Chapter 2: The robot dimension after it thus in the robot dimension arrived since talks it first times with the robot guard Ralph (answers 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1). After the verhoer with the Imperator you use the taschenmesser with the ventilation shaft and it can flee. Outside arrived you go completely to the right through to it to the road ("Walkstreet") come. There you go then to the pawnbroker (stairs down! ) you then the halskette give. But you get then a credit card. Now carry forward you the box, both arms parts and the Swatch clock (on the tresen). Then back to the road and again to the palace (where you come since) and there the box with the Muellschlucker uses. Then you scan the box and state that in it a lever is. Now again to the road, where you go into the "Pub Lup". Uses the box with the bottle pure oil on the table stands. Then again to the road where you talk with that drunk robot Howard (answers 2, give 2, 1) and it the pure oil. Then give the map back to Howerd and go on the map appearing then to the doctor. There arrived you talk with the doctor (answers 2, 2, 3, 1). Afterwards you surround first the lower, then to the left and then the lever on the right of beside it. Then you use the found lever with the slot beside the rope hoist and pull also these. Then still another discussion with the doctor and the operation can begin. After the operation back to the Walkstreet. There give you to the taxifahrer first the map and then the clock then give it again the map and drive to Sixth scythe Investigations. To the discussion with spirit Arthur goes to it to the laboratory and the play changes again to franc. Chapter 3: The present part II after the scene with Arthur goes to it to Toys'n U where it the Analyser used. Then back to the laboratory and give the Analyser to Doc. then on to the office of Sixth to scythe and the mouse catch. If the Kaesekruemel with the mouse hole uses, then the glass with the mouse and then the beer cover with the glass. With the mouse in the glass you go now to Goldenhouers mansion, where you with Mr. Goldenhouer speak (answers 1, 2, 2, 3). Now you use the tennis ball with the right ritterruestung and examine thereafter these. After the cat terminated your nap, you use the mouse with the cat. Now you go times on ' nen jump into Charles room, where will however not for a long time stay to it. Now you go still once to the car dealer, where you procure you the broken tires and a tire pump. Afterwards to American "Cheesers" where it the tires with that hot cheese uses. Now must still inflate you the tires and the hammer of Toys'n U get. Then back to the mansion, where you with the hammer on the wheel cover strike. After Charles left its room, you go to you into this and snatch the console. The console brings it to Doc. So that you the interkeys to use can do must to it to "Go Marching into" go and the workshop there enter. There you a salesman forestalls buys you from this a car and goes then again to the workshop. Then you tell to the salesman it problems with the car have, so that he leaves you finite now into the workshop. There you use now the interkey and regain you in the Toon dimension. Chapter 4: The Toon dimension arrived in the Toon dimension, goes to it to the border and talks so for a long time with Curt to these you lets through. Then their to the market route and takes the note of the door of the Sixth scythe branch continues to go and examines this. Afterwards take to it the handbill and examine it likewise. Afterwards you go to it to the market place where to the discussion with the policeman the bell on the right side used. Now you talk with the loudspeaker (all answers function). Arrived in the secret hiding place you take the spray box and talk with Frick (the fox). There this does not fold talks it with Mr.Peanuts. To the discussion you go back to the market route into the eyeglass business. There you use the spray with the eyeglasses. Then you take the ledger and go back to the market place where it the ledger the policeman give, who stands behind the shade of a tree. Carry you forward afterwards again back in the eyeglass business where now the sun glasses. Now you go to the police station (market place) carry where you forward the adhesive. Afterwards you go again to the market cup where it the mail box examined and to it the adhesive with the envelope used, which is in the mail box. Then you open the envelope and read the letter. Now on into the park where you the guard the letter give. After a further discussion give their it the sun glasses. Then you go again to police and use the bell and mediate so for a long time between Shirley and Pokey, until this falls asleep. Then take to it the shears and cut thereby the keys off of Porkey. After a discussion with Brad Pig (! ) over the record of Mr.Peanuts you open the cell door with the keys. Then you take the uniform and give it to Brad. With the bank Brad tells you which it a part of a clock necessarily, therefore you go to it again to the police where the clock open and it forward carry. Afterwards fast back to the bank. To the explosion you go into the bank and take the three rubble before the safe deposit and afterwards the Raedchen, which were under the rubble. This uses it now with the safe deposit and opens it. Then you take the key from the safe deposit and open thereby the drawer on the right side of the area. Now you carry the record forward and bring it to Mr.Peanuts. Now can talk you with Frick and experience something about a client named Sally. Now carry forward you still the bottle on the right side and go to the market place and far for the park where you the button used over clean-coming and clog the well with the cork. Now must you again into the underground hiding place where your Arthur told that everything finished is. To the scene in the park the play changes still once to user chapter 5: The robot dimension part II after the discussion with Sally talks it with the soldier to it again into the prison is so long thrown. There give its Ralph the console and break afterwards again out (measurers with ventilation screen). Now you go still once to the Walkstreet and give to Bernie (the taxifahrer) the map. Now drive you to the computing center. First you use the switch on the right side of the area beside the flashing lights. Still far rights pulls you now the lever three times, so that the main terminal raises. Now must operate you the switch with the red edge on the left side and afterwards the lever still further left press. Next must you the monitor right above examine. Afterwards you type the code (4273) into the central processor (thus fourth button, then the second etc.) and press the large button. Everything is finite and it can back to the Walkstreet go, where you the map at Bernie give and to the Sixth scythe drive. As the latter you use the platform on the right side and it can let us remove enjoy!
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