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Originally Posted by StrategyGamer
It sounds like the kind of game I would like quite a lot! Does it use an Action Points system?
Forgive me for not being too clued up on this sort of game... if you mean like only having a certain number of moves per turn, then yes. You can generally only attack, use items, give orders, and scan for enemies once per turn as well (though you can use items to get round this). It does have similarities to something like Laser Squad I guess, though I haven't played that very often.

Originally Posted by StrategyGamer
Can you play a complete game in 1 day?

Does it randomly create new levels for you to explore?
Yeah, even later missions should only take 90 mins-2 hours at most to play, and you can save your progress between missions anyway. You earn medals and get your commander promoted to earn more item slots and such like. Though if your commander dies he gets replaced by a new low-ranking one, always good to keep a few saves handy

You only get something like nine or ten missions to play, with a fairly varied set of objectives, though you can play through them any order you wish and the later ones can get very hairy. There's also an expansion disk which gives you another set of levels although you need to be fairly experienced with the original to be able to cope, they get very difficult.

Of course this means you don't get randomly generated levels at all.

Originally Posted by StrategyGamer
How does the game compare to Total Chaos?
Haven't played TC very much to be honest (have been meaning to though) so I can't give a fair judgement.

The only real problem with SC for me is that, being based on a board game it relies a lot on dice rolls, which means that all the forward-planning in the world won't save you from defeat by a humble orc from time to time. But it's really atmospheric and accessible, anyone can play it really, rope in a couple of friends (even if they don't like this sort of game normally - it's worked for me and I've managed to get a few friends hooked on it) and you can lose hours in it, really you can.

Sorry if this isn't useful to you, don't have loads of experience with this sort of game so I'm only telling to you what I can (though I've been dying to try Total Chaos properly, if only I had the time).
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