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OK, here is my list:

Golden Axe
M1 Tank Platoon
Battle Hawks 1942 (don't know if I've finished it...but I've completed all the missions.)
Myth (but after beating the big evil fella in the space level, my copy had an error...what happens next?)
Monkey Island 1 + 2
Top Gear 2
Lotus 1+ 3
Formula 1 Grand Prix (but with all the easy settings, like auto brakes, gears, etc)
Mortal Kombat 1 + 2
Final Fight (I can only complete it with Haggar, and his pile driver move!)
Full Contact
Barbarian (the tournament, chop-your-opponent's-head-off version)
Spitting Images
Space Crusade
Knights of the Sky
Terminator 2 computer version
Double Dragon
Teenage Queen

I've gotten really close to completing:
Chaos Engine- I have saves on the last world with ALL characters, but I haven't defeated the boss yet. I usually have barely any lives, due to those rolling fireballs which protect the four generators.

Robocop 2- the fiddly jumping part in level 2, with the dynamite, always pisses me off.

Metal Masters- I had progressed far into this game when my disks corrupted.:eek

BTW, if I may ask, a fav game of mine always used to be the 3d Interphase. I could only make it up to level four, at best. I'm just wondering if anybody has completed it, and how many levels there are.
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