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Originally posted by TikTok
Not sure on this, but I think CAPS are only interested in disks that cannot be imaged in the ADF format (i.e copy protected disks). The Dune 2 disks are standard Amiga DOS disks. Besides, I thought you said you *downloaded* the adfs of Dune 2, rather than imaged them yourself.
Strange, I swear some/a lot of the games on this 'obtained' list are AmigaDOS based, with no protection of any kind:

And I just checked all messages of mine related to Dune 2, and none of them ever had me mention that I downloaded them off somewhere. They ARE imaged from original floppy disks you know. Remember, I said that I'd put up games you couldn't just download off the web.

Have you tried disk2fdi? With that tool you don't necessarily need an Amiga to dump your disks.
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