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Originally Posted by DJBase
The amiga custom chips are no longer protected by patents. You can not refresh old patents. After 20 years they are gone. Also if there were any other problems there would be no UAE.
UAE falls under reverse engineering for educational and personal research in software, there are specific laws, and jurisprudence, that stood them up. It's also non-profitable and open-source with no signs of claiming to clone or reproduce TM or CRs.

A good explanation would be, we contacted Amiga Inc. or Gateway - don't know exactly who owns Chipset IP - and they were ok with it. If they're going to test the law, then they might have what they want, the law tested in court. The real apprehensive part about this is the Amiga in Joystick \ profitable project... sounds highly problematic, where there's money, there's lawyers.

I'm not going be a cynic and claim decent drivers for people who already payed for one of his products should be being done instead of this dubious adventures - heck, what the hey, I'll just say it anyway

That's another of the main differences, in no way was WinUAE a way to make a product or money, but a research and preservation project. This is clearly starting not to look like one, particularly when it's claimed Amiga Inc. or Gateway no longer own their IP... we'll see.
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