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Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Originally Posted by pbareges
16M FastRAM required!! what the hell?!!
Doesn't everyone have 32MB of FastRAM since 1999?

How much fastram do you have?

You could write Team Chaos an Email and ask for the old 1990s Total Chaos AGA I (I don't think it had a subtitle back then?) version 1.0 to be re-uploaded to Aminet. I think it only required 4 or 8 MB of fastram.

They keep erasing old releases of the Total Chaos series with new releases! GRRR I HATE THAT!

As a side note, I wish that ALL AGA games required at least 16 MB of fastram! Think how awesome the animation would be! It is terribly sad to think that Team 17 and Bitmap Brothers and Rainbow Arts and everyone used to chop their games down so much to fit them into 1 meg and 3 floppies.
If Commodore had not gone bust they could have released fantastically amazing 16 MB AGA games where enemy spaceships and monsters had 100 frames of movement instead of just 6!
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