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Originally Posted by DJBase
These were the words from Mr. Schoenfeld, I was at the presentation and we cleared all these questions.

The amiga custom chips are no longer protected by patents.
The original chips (1985-2005) yes. AGA (1992-2012) no.

You can not refresh old patents. After 20 years they are gone.
True, but there is something else called COPYRIGHT. It lasts for 70 years in Germany and similar amounts of time in other countries. Amiga published a book called the Hardware Reference Manual. The last one was in about 1991.

All the structures and registers etc. described in the book will be covered by copyright and should Amiga Inc. (or whoever) want their cut of Clone-A I am sure they could get it.

Also if there were any other problems there would be no UAE.
UAE is not particularly commercial. They get some revenue from Cloanto.

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