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Well, last week I finished my final school project and now I only have to prepare myself for a presentation.. So I have some more free time the following weeks..

Anyway.. This week I started again with my Coverdisks site.. I still have many many coverdisks which aren't on the site yet... Furthermore I'm planning to add scans of all the actual magazines I own.. I already scanned all my Amiga Action issues..
And I want to make my site viewable for all users, so that people owning real Amigas with internet can view my site.. Several people reported this problem.. So, currently I'm redesigning all the navigation menu's. When all this is finished then you can expect an update.... So my next update will be:
- Amiga Action magazines cover- and diskscans
- Some new coverdisks (Amiga Action, The One, Amiga Computing)
- Non java navigation menus..

I can't say when this update will be finished, depends on several things... I surely hope before the end of this month...

Regards, and I want to thank all the people who have visited my site for the last couple of months even without any updates...

ps. If you, Malc-ALE, want to post this message on then go ahead..

Ooppps.. forgot I can post news at by meself.. so I will do that...

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