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I found this from amiga flame, Putty squad allready released??

It seems that putty squad is released to amiga by Alive Media soft?

Putty Squad is a delightful platform game, which was never properly released, that is until Alive Mediasoft took up the task. I was convinced by this game when the first demo came out many years ago, and still it only takes you to play the demo, to want to buy this awesome game. It was only released in the closely weeks of December, but has climbed the chart well.

second part:

. It also seemed for a while like Alive Mediasoft might have failed, but they proved us all wrong with it released just in the last week.

Coud we find someone who has bought this version???

I list games released by Alive media soft, I ques there ain't much byers of these but maybe we could think that these are abandonwares.??

Alive mediasoft allso has released these games Blade, Prophet, goal2000 Blade and Prophet can found Amiga arena (that germany site)

Interesting story here
Maker of Blade get 17.57 pounds from alive mediasoft

Goal 2000 Soccer Alive Mediasoft Steven Flowers of Alive Mediasoft will be happy to know that he isn't the only soccer fan to enjoy Goal 2000. Alive Mediasoft revamped this soccer game adding new in-gameplay tweaks, with sales bound to continue to be healthy as more soccer fans look for an alternative to the famous Sensible Soccer. Alive Mediasoft will be pleased with how gamers voted with their three games taking 8th, 7th and 6th spot.

Alive MediaSoft has just announced that Hexen Deathkings of the Dark Citadel, an add-on to Hexen is now available to buy. (just for amiga)
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