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Sharing a glass of Wine in my Boxers

Because of projects like AROS, MorphOS and even UAE/AmigaXL, the
AmigaOS is running in more places then it ever has. So while your
aging A4000 or A1200 might die in the next few years you will still be
able to run AmigaOS on modern hardware. It is sad that vaporous
promises like the Boxer hurt the Amiga community and delivered nothing
except highjacked $$$ preorders. But since you can now buy a 1.2 Ghz
AMD machine with Amithlon and Amiga OS 3.9 installed from Software
Hut. I ask the question, is that not an Amiga as well? Does it not
give you all the Boxer promised and more? It runs Amiga applications
at 68060 or better speeds. It even includes an API for x86 in case you
want to code applications that directly take advantage of the AMD &
x86 instruction set for even more speed within Amiga OS 3.9. Because
the AmigaOS is now sitting and running on common off the shelf PC
hardware with an x86 API things like Netscape, Quicken, Quickbooks Pro
etc. suddenly become much easier to port.

It would even be possible to create a Windows abstraction layer in the
Amiga OS so that some Windows apps could be run within it. WINE does
this for Linux. Linux can now run many Windows applications without
Windows being installed on the machine. WINE is the Linux application
that allows them to do this and its sourcecode is freely available.
The founder of MP3.COM has even started up a new company called
Lindows that promotes the fact that it is Windows compatible without
any Microsoft OS installed. Because the Department of Justice is
forcing Microsoft to release even more of their API's this will only
grow in the future. Just as in the past IBM compatibility meant buying
a true IBM PC from IBM was no longer necessary. Windows compatibility
in the future might mean buying an OS that is Windows compatible but
is not from Microsoft. IBM has little control over the PC compatible
industry that it started in 1981. True you can still buy a computer
from IBM but there is nothing stopping you from buying a machine from
DELL, Gateway, Compaq, HP or you can build your own. Microsoft may in
fact lose control of their Windows cash cow because just as Compaq
reverse engineered the Bios on the IBM PC and started the PC clone
industry so has WINE reverse engineered running Windows apps without
Windows and WINES sourcecode is an open book for all to see. In
conclusion it is sad that your Amiga motherboard and or your Video
Toaster & Flyer for that matter are aging pieces of silicon that may
one day fail. This has no impact on you using the Amiga OS and Amiga
software/applications. Amiga is now a software company and the Amiga
OS lives on as a software OS (AmigaXL, UAE, Amithlon). Please ponder
this for a moment and respond.

Best regards

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