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Originally Posted by alexh
The developers have something else to do, like lives, and jobs etc.
This is a payed for program. Lots of people payed to register it. They were being payed to develop it. They decided to take the money, then they freewared it and abandoned development.

Originally Posted by alexh
If it is abandoned?
It's not if. It is.

Originally Posted by alexh
Who pays the money for the website? Who keeps the server going and payed for the domain name in October 2006?
That's pretty naive. CC bills keep going to the same CC. Most registrant pay for several years. It's not like the handful of bucks needed for domain registration breaks anyone bank account. This process to happen automatically. The Webmaster seemed to maintain himself throughout, only the developers disappeared, literally.

Originally Posted by alexh
Worked 99% here.
That's good news, and good for you. In here it doesn't. And to many people who had payed for registrations, had bugs, posted on their messageboards, got censured \ deleted, as they took money and had totally stopped development repeated claiming otherwise, it probably didn't work so well either, the very person who kept voicing their false claims of continued development stated, on their official message board:

Originally Posted by Jon
Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 3:58 pm Post subject: Upset with Deliplayer progress. /its DEAD

I am upset with the progress of dp2 / 3

I have been attempting to contact both Florian and Peter over the past 6 months with no reply.

My angle on the project has always been that its great to support all the formats but lets build on that and concentrate on the future requirements. And 'dumb up the UI' so winampers can use the program .......

I would never have considered posting the above had it not been for the total silance (even to me) of Florian and Peter about the progress (or lack of) of the dp project over the past 6/12/24 months.

I still regard deliplayer as one of the best audio p[layers for Windows...... but I have to admit I am very upset that the project has ground to a halt in such a way.

I don't know what else to say?! !!!!!! ???????????????
Me neither.

Originally Posted by alexh
Either you've bastardised your windows XP Installation, you've bastardised your Deliplayer installation or your sound card drivers are not WHQL certified.
Quintissential player works fine. Winamp works fine. WMP works fine. MPC works fine. VLan works fine. XMplayer works fine. Every modern game works fine. All drivers a certified and the latest versions. I even develop, compile and debug software that outputs sound, even that doesn't crash \ BSOD it. It was Deliplayer.

Pretty funny to find your own message in their bug report section, though

Originally Posted by alexh

I've been using deliplayer for a long time (I registered) since upgrading to DP 2.50 beta I've noticed a few crashes every now and again windows reports the same module "dpmixer.dll"

I've got a Pentium III 866 CPU, Windows XP SP2, Soundblaster Live (original) with the Creative drivers.

It appears to be most likely to occur with mulitchannel (more than 4) mods but it has happened on others.

I'm using the out of the box setup & Spartan Functional skin, I have the panel, playlist1, level meter and wavescope open.

I drag and drop the file over the playlist.... it loads and starts to play.... then at some time later the mixing is screwed up (clicks crackles etc.) and a few seconds later it stops and windows informs you that "DeliPlayer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" If you look at the data this error report contains it tells you "ModName: dpmixer.dll"

Deliplayer remains open after you acknowledge all this and is still usable (i.e. all menus work etc.) but it wont play. You exit and open and everything is back to normal.

It's easy to trigger using a couple of mods I have (on my system at least). There is a possibility that the mods are corrupt but they have done the rounds on the internet and play on delitracker and older versions of DP.


Alex Holland
Thalion Webshrine
Their bugreport area on their official website speaks for itself.

If you sort all 3 out I guarantee that it will work much better than you claim. I've got multiple systems and run deliplayer on all 3 and almost never have issues.
Almost... . There's apps that do work, why should i use one that works... almost. What's more XMplay is free, and it works, fully. Deliplayer was neither.

You've never programmed have you?
Yes, i have.

Finding difficult unpredictable bugs is boring, adding new features is fun
They were getting paid by users. They weren't there to have fun with somebody else's money. Several times paying costumers asked them to stop adding useless new features, some of them plain useless, such as the UI change, and fix bugs that were totally stopping the show for them.

Registration was only right at the start. I registered perhaps 2 days after they opened. Registration was cancelled shortly afterwards
Their official spokesperson on their official website board said more over this then i ever could:

Originally Posted by Jon
Just want to point out that myself or Alexander have never received any payment for our deliplayer input.

Speaking for myself I would be very embarrassed by now had I taken any cut of the registered product.

Its staggering that we still have no contact with the authors. and indeed that this forum is still alive.

Some extreemly nice features were to be included into a new release. In particular a playlist function which could have rendered all other playlist systems void..... Im talking truly revolutionary.
I was told that it was possible, up, running and to be intergrated into dp2.
The code in question was by Peter. It was the realization of one of my idea's. If Peter actually got it working ......well !!!!! Its certainlty a cut above.

Hope to one side though.......... The breakdown in communication has now reached terminal levels.

For all I know both Florian and Peter could be in jail somewhere !? At least that would be a plausible explanation for the lack of ..... ' anything '
Originally Posted by alexh
Winamp is so 1998!
That wasn't my point, when your functions are laid out in winamp plugin format there's tons of applications out there that have it implemented, QMPlayer does this for instance, so all Winamp plugins are available to dozens of other applications immediately, thus the interest.

I'm glad that DP works great for some people out there. For me, and others, it hasn't, and i do find the way they dealt with it pretty unacceptable, but then again in the Amiga business world seems pretty common, that probably explains where the Amiga is today.
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