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Best Deal... Yesterday, I won an Amiga A1200 on Fleabay for £10 - what a bargain !!! It has no mouse or software, but is working.

I always wanted an A1200 but couldn't afford one back then, my 2Mb A600 with its 40Mb hard drive (!) was as much as I could afford...I swapped an A500+ for the A600, as I thought it was a neater design and the IDE port was definitely an improvement.

Worst deal... Selling my A600 when I needed the money as the kids were growing up, I had shedloads of floppies, an Oki Microline 391 dot matrix printer as well, I let it all go for £100...

So... I've got an A600 I paid £20 for and an A1200 for a tenner, I can see some serious upgrade project action going on this summer....

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