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Originally Posted by Ultron
Well in a still picture it's hard to see, but yeah kinda like that

The Map editor is interesting because new maps could be made, something that isn't possible with the Amiga version (or the PC for that matter) at all.
That's the spirit!! But the map editor is so buggy right now that I cannot tell you to use it.
Besides, it is currently only possible to "import" an existing picture, not to create levels from scratch. It's not very hard to do, but since I did not have the need ...

If you want to create new levels right now, I can make an effort on the editor quickly, and give it to you. I'd be delighted to have new levels.
Of course, complex puzzles cannot be coded into the editor: it only allows basic associations such as lever+door+key or location+monster appears. Once you have designed the level, you have to code the specific behaviour using Java and the internal engine API. This is rather simple too. The tedious part is to design the level, not to code the puzzles.

@StarEye: You are right, I think the Gods music remix is cool, but not to be played during the game in the next versions, when I add proper SFX. In the meantime, it's better than no sound at all.

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