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Originally Posted by Computolio
The original designs to the AGA chips were lost long ago
Pure speculation.

an AGA Clone-A would legally be no different from an emulator
Yes it would. It would be sold.

I honestly don't see how it would infringe on any of the patents when the original chips and the cloned chips would invariably turn out to be so vastly different.
Tell that to PowerComputing that had a nice little "Cloned-PPC-Mac" buisness until about 2002 when Apple withdrew their license and they had to stop. If what you are saying is true they could have just continued. I assume patents will be at medium to high level so as to cover the widest possible area (I know that is how most are written including ours) and would still cover any cloned architecture.

Even if it did, there is no financially logical reason for legal action.
If Amiga Inc. (or whoever) dont get their cut I am sure they will.
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