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Hey JOTD, nice work with the update, you've managed to improve it a load after every release

I think it needs tweaking slightly :
- turning speed is slightly too fast
- when you nitro, you stay in the air for aaaaaages
- even on stage 3 / easy mode, computer cars are FAR faster than you, pretty difficult, almost impossible to catch up!
- with ram at 3 its a piece of piss to break cars who have no armor, and if they have armor its like trying to bash a brick wall with your fists
- no supercars 1 in-game music tracks!

I think it'd be cool to have the easy mode start off with the older games music tracks (like the first supercars) , and then kinda move through the magnetic fields games chronologically ... even though theyre good, I'm unsure on the jaguar tunes ;E
oh and... maybe even a lil weapons counter so you know how many ... whatever you have left (like on supercars international)

ah, yeah- maybe have the background music a lil louder as default... and allow users to set the levels in the options :>

... just tweaks really.... its looking pretty damn good though!
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