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Originally Posted by laffer
What's the most arcade accurate overlay to use in Mame?
None of them are more right then the other, rather they emulate different screentypes. A modern progressive screen will look pretty much like any VGA screen.

going form the screenshots
  • damiens very light scanlines and some filtering looks a bit like my old philips amiga monitor.
  • scanrez1, looks like a blackline 100hz TV, the triad of RGBs are not in an even line
  • gb3, reminds me a bit about my 15hz arcade screen.
However all of the filters decrease the colour intensity, and none of them have the colour bleeding that most old monitors have.

Use damines scanline filter, oversaturate the colours a bit, some bilinear filter, framelag and increase the gamma. It's never going to be perfect, but on my TFT screen it's as good as it's gonna get.

If you really wanna goold school you probably should add "insert coin" burn ins and some purple gradients due to bad degaussing on most screens in pizzerias and similar places, and some less sharpness in the corners. Theoretically a resolution at least twelve or four times the original screen where you draw the red, green and blue elements seperatly + interlace interpolation between them should be a great effect as well.

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