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BreakPoint/German Info ?

I will be going to Breakpoint this year, but i will be missing the first day of it, due to me getting the dates wrong, and i cannot afford the accomodation in Bingen due to the fact i will be also going to France and Prague afterwards... so i looked online at Car Rental in Germany, and apparently from Frankfurt Airport i can get a hire Car for the 5 days i will be in Germany ( mainly for Breakpoint ).

I went to a website called Tiger, which has a quoted price of 200 Euro for 4 days car hire, but what surprised me about this price, was that it was for an Audi A3 with a GPS system!!!... Why is it so cheap to hire a car such as that or have i missed something??. I will need a Car to sleep in over the 3 days i will be at BreakPoint.

Also in missing the first day of Breakpoint, am i really missing all that much?.. i was quite upset when i realised i had stuffed the dates up
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