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The original designs to the AGA chips were lost long ago; an AGA Clone-A would legally be no different from an emulator. I honestly don't see how it would infringe on any of the patents when the original chips and the cloned chips would invariably turn out to be so vastly different. Even if it did, there is no financially logical reason for legal action.

Hopefully the Clone-A will make it's commercial debut with AGA, because it will cost quite a bit no matter what chipset it has (I'm guessing around $300). Given how eBay is these days, that would be more than price-competitive with real AGA machines. If it had the ability to drop in more RAM (especially more CHIP RAM) than a real machine and could use a wide variety of salvaged 68K CPUs (I'm thinking LC040s scavenged from Performa Macs here), then it would sell quite well.

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