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Originally Posted by Anubis
It's simple: Because images without scanlines look much better.

We're not going to tell them that you're spy! Don't worry!

Ok, I'll tell you the "real" reason why I don't post screenshots in the MAME thread with scanlines...

Since MAME v.90 (or something) they changed the way scanlines look, which I don't like... Here's an example of how they look now:

Ask Retro, we have been banging on about this ever since they changed the "format" and I've even been trying to recreated the old school ones since unsuccessfully (as they are just a .png file overlayed)...

Anyway, I like the classic scanlines effect that MAME used to use, though the absolute best scanlines effect can be seen in Gens32, Magic Engine and SNESx9 (TV effect) where there are varying degrees that don't darken out "every other" line

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