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Not sure when this site changed over, but I had a look at it just and am quite amazed at the amount of hard work they must have put in:

It's a pretty accurate simulation of WB1.3 in a browser (Firefox only, I think). It's been done before, but never with quite so much style, or with the extra programs you can run from the desktop! If you drag the screen down you even get a little surprise.

The only problem I have with it is the right-click detection - it "gurus" the site and re-loads everything, presumably to stop you (you!) from stealing all their secrets. Great, except I keep right-clicking out of habit, and keep getting booted back to the start. If I wanted their source code all I have to do is click "View", then "View Source". So what does the right-click guru achieve? Just pisses me off, that's all.

Still, a very clever site, and well worth a look. (Shockingly bad for their Google ranking, though - search engines can't index DHTML-generated content...)
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