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Re: 1024x768 CAN shorten the lifespan of old monitors!

Originally posted by andreas
This applied to my old 14" monitor, which wasn't made for use of resolutions higher than 800x600.
I *could* use 1024x768, but at a lower refresh rate, so I couldn't work with this resolution for long.
Marz, I bet you've got a 14" monitor!
Ummm, andreas? Perhaps you should read my message again :

You must have a bigger monitor than my 17" one, then. I'm warned that if I choose to adopt a res higher than 1024x768 for too long it could drastically shorten the lifespan of the monitor and break it!
So, in actual truth, I'm using 1024x768 right now, with a good refresh rate (it doesn't flicker on that resolution like my old monitor did). I did use to have a 15" monitor, though. After a few years of use the screen began to act funny, showing some kind of turqoise-tinted filter over the whole screen and it meant, for a while at least, we had to keep moving/tilting the monitor until it returned to normal! Eventually we decided to say "Thanks for all the joy, but we're gonna have to stop using you" to it (not literally of course! ). The monitor I'm using now is the one my sister used to utilise for her computer (she's got a 19" monitor now!). I think the old monitor is still in the house somewhere.

The thing I miss from my old monitor, though, is where it could switch between resolutions, Windows or DOS based, instantly, without a second-long delay or something like this monitor does now. It can be a bit annoying.
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