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Ok, Project 32 works fine on my XP machine, I always use the classic look in XP, so I don't know what will happen if I change that look.

I also use Deamon Tools to mount the ISO-images. The only games I have tested so far are IK+ and D-Generation as these are the games which are supported by Project 32 and which I could find on the net too.

Now I would like to test a game which has a nice big intro and has nice audio tracks. I have Banshee ISO (which is track 1) and I also have 2 audio tracks in mp3 format. Can someone tell me how I can make 1 CD of all 3 files, or to make it more complicated... can I make an ISO-image on my PC which contains all 3 files resulting in a complete CD32 Iso-image? I know Banshee isn't supported (yet) by Project 32, but I might need this help for a similar game which is supported by Project 32.

Thanks in advance.
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