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And that one where you touch the android thingy - ffs, don't just show a close-up of a hand and a gun that shows blood dripping down it
That animation is random. This death scene can come from being run over by the car, from being zapped by those flying balls, being hit by lazer from an android etc...

You go into a blocky vehicle carriage thingy, and it starts up almost instantly, some animation plays of it going through a doorway, this floaty frocked demon thingy tampers with the controls elsewhere (as if it knew instantly you were going) and the whole process fucks up. Are you supposed to kill that demon first before you can leave?
Yes, you have to kill him before jumping on the ship trying to leave, you would have noticed if you checked the movie or played the game... the same goes with alot of your other complaints, just play the game or watch the movie and much more makes sense .

And that glittery thingy he is drawn into is a special forcefield that damages him when he touches it, preventing him from passing by... but it only happens if he has like 1 hp left, otherwise he just bounces of and gets hurt a little... same with the dropping blood, he only dies when he has like 1hp left... seems its a poisonous blood type.... it's an alien world, expect anything .

I'm not gonna complain about your complaints.... just play the game to understand it. Of course it's not techically perfect, like the orange shots turning red on the view from distance. If you mention a game you like, we can probably make a huge list of things that doesn't make sense there either, and gfx glitches and mistakes too.
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