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Ok, maybe I used the wrong wording there - I more or less mean "cop-out"! Invictus could've done much better in this department when you think about it!

Death scenes such as the spider, the dogs and the falling rocks could've done with more than just a short clip of them in close-up - why not make actual animations showing the character suffering the intended fate on-screen rather than just merely imply them? And that one where you touch the android thingy - ffs, don't just show a close-up of a hand and a gun that shows blood dripping down it (and on that point - just one measly tiny drop of blood? That hunk of junk doesn't appear to have damaged you much then)!!! Prove what exactly the android does to you, as merely "it kills you, that's it" isn't enough! And finally the drowning part - heck, if it's technically possible to show Mario, Sonic and Lara Croft choking and drowning underwater, why not this guy? Why fob people off with a "what happened several hours later" static picture?

Also I guess there are a few to which the "makes no sense" complaint would apply - those black and red things which shoot tiny yellow bullet things for instance - how come they later appear as red on your character as he slowly collapses? And are they poison darts? Another one is the scene with what looks like a bloody dripping dinosaur corpse - why exactly is the blood seemingly deadly to the touch? Is it acidic? Why does it look like your character's standing there looking up above as blood drips down on his sight? And just WHAT the hell was that death scene after the one with the hive of snakes all about???!

Plus, what exactly is that glittery thing in the hospital beds scene that jumps about places and just sucks your molecules into it? Doesn't look very deadly to me! And after the dogs, there's that bit where the bloke goes into what looks like a teleportation device, and indeed the clip that plays looks like he is merely being teleported somewhere. How does that count as a death scene? Is it some molecular destabilizer that someone carelessly left behind?

Also, why do a couple of scenes end with a clip viewed from an upturned angle with the character on his knees, bleeding a lot and yet not actually collapsing? I mean, surely he has yet to die as such?! And when the screen slowly folds in on itself, I guess that's supposed to imply "eyes closing", yet if that was the case shouldn't it be from the point of view of your bloke?

And finally, not necessarily another complaint, but the final death scene in the lineup confuses me. You go into a blocky vehicle carriage thingy, and it starts up almost instantly, some animation plays of it going through a doorway, this floaty frocked demon thingy tampers with the controls elsewhere (as if it knew instantly you were going) and the whole process fucks up. Are you supposed to kill that demon first before you can leave? (Bear in mind that due to time restraints I've only watched the death bits process in full, and have yet to watch the remainder of the longplay itself. So yes I guess I'm leaving myself wide open for a ribbing from people, but I still felt the need to say my piece about the quality of one of the "movie-like adventure" genre's most interesting aspects - the death setpieces!)

Yes, I may be kicking up a major fuss about nothing and looking like a twat in the process, but having been very familiar with games of a similar type like Another World, Flashback, Prince of Persia, Heart of Darkness etc - I kinda expected OnEscapee to have similar and clearly more obvious death scenes to enjoy! Even Dragon's Lair and Space Ace made a bit of an effort....

Suffice to say (and despite saying all of that), my favourite death scene out of the lot there has to be one of the ones from the start where he runs off that cliff, and clatters and crunches his way down the rocks and into the riverbank (slightly reminiscent of cartoons and that Homer scene from early Simpsons). Now that was interesting (and funny)!
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