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Next one is a hmm....well "demo". The Stag series! Stag is a slideshow style demo featuring clips from hardcore porn movies. Most of you already know that but tosec believes that there is only one stag disk around. Wrong! There are seven different Stag disks. Stag 1-2-3-4-5-6 and Stag Extra.

In tosec, the Stag is listed twice in two different databases!:

Bnk (19xx)(Stag).adf Commodore Amiga - Demos (#-L) (v0.88)
Stag (19xx)(BnK).adf Commodore Amiga - Games (S) (v0.19)

I decide not to upload them unless anyone requests them and sorry but I can't post a screenshot either. The game is just too hard
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