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Originally Posted by ElectroBlaster
What happend to these guys:

Dex N Jonesy!

they did remixes and broke into the charts with their stuff! they apparantly used a couple of amiga's and protracker just like another couple of blokes called Urban shakedown did with octamed and 2 x a500's!

Also! one of the later amiga formats did a special on music production using amiga's and one of the writers put his money where his mouth was and had some vynil records of his music pressed up! anyone ever get to hear what he did?

I remember Dex + Jonesy well, produced hell of a lot of tunes

Jonesey is still going -

Has produced a really massive discography.
Dex & Jonesey Layla Bang
Dex & Jonesey The beginning Bang
Josh Wink Higher State of consciousness Manifesto UK 7
That Kid Chris Feel tha vibe Manifesto UK20
David Morales In de ghetto Manifesto UK11
Outrage Tall & Handsome Postiva UK12
Wildchild Jump to my beat Hi Life UK15
UN of House United nations of house Manifesto UK30
Mr Spring Voyager Manifesto
Loop da loop Go with the flow Manifesto UK33
Toby Beepbop More protein
Pulse The lover that you are FFRR UK9
Partizan Drive me crazy Multiply UK22
Phil Collins Dance into the light East/West UK10
BBE 7days Postiva UK 7
Reel 2 reel Meure la carera Postiva UK39
Orgasmatron Rock the discotec MCA
Tyrant Dirty minds Love this/Bassix
Funktastica Hyperfunky Malarky
Jonstone walker Rise Red Parrot
X-avia I close my eyes Peer
Lionel richie All night long Manifesto
Jon Riley Bass that goes boom DMC
Mad Moses Panther party Hi life
Digital blondes Antheum Manifesto
Eclispe Satisfy my soul Infinte Mass
Mary Kiani I imagine Mercury
Suzanne Rye Give it all you got Love this
Partizan Keep your luv Multiply UK33
Hardfloor Acperience Eye Q
Todd terry Jumpin’ Manifesto UK10
Maria Naylor Naked and sacred Deconstruction
Dario Sunchyme Eternal
Bass Bumpers Music’s got me Manifesto
Usura Open your mind Malarky
Partizan Drive Me Crazy Multiply
Shrink Nervous Breakdown Neo UK 8
Camisra Let me show you Virgin UK 9
Toni Di Bart The Real thing Cleveland city UK 2
Jonesey Independence Caged Germany 1
J Dubs Blow ya whistle Caged
J Dubs BassDubs Vol 1 Caged
J Dubs I Can’t let go Caged
J- Dubs Strings of Justice Caged

T.K What about me Caged
Byron Stingly Shake, shake, shake Neo/B&B UK 40
Usher U Turn Arista UK 40
Tweet Boogie 2nite East West UK 40
Celine Dion I drove all night Sony
Five Star All fall down Tent
Beyonce Crazy in love Sony UK 1
Blu Cantrell Breathe East West UK 1
Lumidee Never leave you UK 4
UN of House United nations of house 2004 Promo
Petra & Co Just let go 2004 D&J/Lifting Cars
Dusty O Kiss me Promo
Britney spears Toxic Jive UK 1
Jonesey Funk Promo
Matthew James Hooked Emi Germany 3
Jonesey Deep Baby Neo Club chart
M Pop Muzik MegaBop
Delacy Hideaway Slip n slide UK 12
C&C Music factory Sweat Megabop UK 6

Truly an inspiration for my music making I owe him a lot!


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