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WOW you've been busy,I love okey for real , I wonder how the amiga game is. Any King games?...
I used to program a lot in AMOS , I sent a load of stuff to aminet & AMOS PD library here in the UK (you can still find stuff I did if you search for my real name ...
There was a really cool demo group called syntex I think & They did stuff that I thought wasnt possible in AMOS.
The thing I found with AMOS that once I started a project it was very difficult to focus on it without out adding background music or scrolly sprites etc... just because you could.I mean I actually did a PowerPacker rip-off that looked like the real thing. (You can get some of these from my as pick n mix 2 & 3),And I only every finished two games , I did a couple of demos that Im actually proud of on those disks...ahhhh
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