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Originally Posted by Tim Janssen
I think the turning point in PC-gaming happened earlier: in 1990 people started buying a PC for one particular game: Wing Commander. People were more than willing to fork out thousands of Euros to experience this never-seen-before space opera because it was not available on any other system.
Yup, Wingcommander (2) was damn fine

Originally Posted by mrbob2
The thing that set the PC away from the amiga was simple. 3D gaming.
I don't agree, 3d was important, but playability was the real reason.

I think the most important thing was that around 92 the PC set the new quality standard expected from games, and the amiga couldn't match it. After years of mascot platformers PC was a (relatively) fresh breath of air. Not just 15 min of arcade games, rather good games that emerged you.

Eye of the beholder, SSI (RPG) games from there on were better on the PC

Monkey island, no dubt that PC was the main version, the music is superb. Point and click was way better on the PC by then

Ultima 7, Already u6 was starting to show the problems with amiga

Tie fighter just so damn fun to play

Doom, network death match never managed on the amiga

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