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Originally posted by MarzAttakz
Sheesh, Twist, I seriously never meant to piss you off, dude. I was only asking!
OK, you didn't actually 'piss me off', but I'll expand a bit.

- I've not heard about reducing the life of a monitor if using >1024x768, so I can't really say. In any case, I think I was just indicating that the average resolution would need to scroll left and right on wider pics.

- Thanks for resizing the pic.

- Sorry if I chewed you ass about asking where I get my infos on the game from, but I just hate when people ask that because I really don't remember where I get most of the info in my database. Just being asked that, especially the way it was worded, almost sounded untrusting of the info.

- The list of Rob Northen games that is out there is what it is. It just seems obvious that there's the list at the Action site and it is what it is. If there was any question about that list, surely you would have already heard about it here at EAB by now. And that was all I was trying to illustrate.

Sometimes a tree is just a tree and doesn't need interrogating.
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