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The thing that set the PC away from the amiga was simple. 3D gaming. While the amiga (500s were the most popular) could do solid vectors like formula 1 grand prix and no second prize ok, the pc was doing DOOM and duke nukem 3d. When i saw DOOM running for the 1st time in a computer shop it blew me away. looked SO real. The amiga just couldnt do anything like that as it was primarily a 2d machine. I got an A1200 in `95 and spent 400 pounds (crikey) on a `060 blizzard accelerator and it was sooo fast, just about the speed of a 486. I could run doom on my amiga and quake ran 25ish frames a sec. Some 3d games were being released on the amiga like flyin high and nemac IV but the pc was a customisable machine and it was gettin better, faster and more memory for ram and hard disks. Every month the cpus went from 200mhz to 300 and the revolution had started. The amiga was simply left behind.
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