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Originally Posted by MethodGit
At least in Another World and Flashback you always had a good idea as to the fate of your character whenever you screwed up.
Same in OnEscapee, you have a very good idea what death to expect from things.


1. You swim under water and runs out of air = death scenes is you are washed up on shore, dead.
2. A big snake is hanging down from the roof = you walk under it and it takes you.
3. A big guy with a huge burning/electrifying staff catches you = you get fried.
4. You walk into a electrified fence = you are thrown a few feets away and die (you had little health left, or it would'nt happen)
5. You run out of a cliff = death is you fall down from the cliff and die.
6. A huge crablike monster merged with the ground grabs you and kills you, if you don't jump over it... what would you expect if you didn't jump over it?
7. You walk into a very dark cave, before you turned the lights on, and monsters kills you... = also expected, same in Legend of Kyrandia.
8. Rabid, mutated dogs are chasing you = when they catch up with you, you'll see a close up pic of one of them, and you are dead (of course you would be dead if 3 dangerous dogs took you)
9. You shoot at some barrels filled with petrol = they explode and you die (what else to expect?)

etc etc etc...

edit, so gimme an explanation to why you would think what you said

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