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Ahh .. I'm much like MarzAttackz.. only ever
really had a 500 in my early days.. Things were bit tight when I was young so I missed out
a bit, but I'm catching up fast

My Favourite machine would have to be the
500, I guess it is because its what I grew up
with and brings most of those great memories back...getting a bit side tracked here sorry ..

I have acquired a 600, and a 1200. The 600
is very cute/slick, but being a hardware hacker
I was a bit disapointed to see all the chips soldered on the motherboard, making it harder to fix/tweak, it is the same for the 1200.

Akira: I can see why you like the A600, it is indeed a very slick machine, but ultimately it should of came with better hardware specs (CPU/RAM) rather then just being a compact 500+, to be considered the _best_ non AGA machine.
We should start a thread on the best non AGA machine Oops .. getting side tracked again..

Its difficult for me to say which of the amigas I've owned is the black sheep, they all seem
pretty kewl to me! Luv em too much

P.S: Its great to see the EAB so alive .. I especially like the threads with game screen shots great stuff!!
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