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Originally Posted by Rebel-CD32
Hey Graham, we sure do need coders, and anyone else who wants to be involved in the games creation field. I still plan on helping with your game, drawing sprites and background blocks. I've recently been able to borrow a laptop from my dad for a while, so I'm online permanently again (my other PC blew up during our hot Summer).

I haven't got UAE set up on here yet though, but as soon as I do, I'll get back to work on some Annihilation graphics.
Cheers, that would be ace! Would you like to publish Annihilation?

Best of luck with this, I think everyone here would love you to succeed!

Originally Posted by Cammy
Alternate Realities sounds cool!
So you gonna use it then? Glad you like it, my brother gives me so much stick for that name, but then he IS my brother....
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