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Originally Posted by Cammy
Alternate Realities sounds cool!

Aww, Snowy has a boing ball on his tail!
We'd really love to make all new games commercial releases, because our plan is to have these games really polished. Depending on the amount of work that goes into the games, and the amount of people working on them, the prices would vary. We'd surely need some good musicians, and if you can produce professional looking packaging, that would be fantastic!
Well, depending on time etc etc I really am quite capable of creating CD soundtracks in my home studio. It depends on if the band I auditioned for last week (that are in possession of a record contract) want me or not.

For modules, however, there are probably people in here that are far better.

For samples of my recordings check these out:



Songs written by a band called Broken Arch (that I used to be lead singer in), all instruments in these recordings played and recorded by myself (except violin on Pathfinder played by my gf).


If you'd want help from me anytime in the future, just PM me and I'll see what I can do
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