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Originally posted by MarzAttakz
What resolution are you using? AFAIK the higher the resolution, the less likely you need to scroll across the page.
Well, that isn't an opinion, it's a fact. I daresay my resolution is more than likely higher than yours is. Normally my display is 1280x720, but since I have to temporarily use a different monitor, I am at a mere 1024x768. So I should bump my screen resolution up higher because you would rather post ultra wide pics? And so should everybody else?

Originally posted by MarzAttakz
me: You should use the standard format we always post game pics with (two 320w images=640w).
I could, but I feel that some parts of the game garner grabs of their own...
?!? Do you mind translating that into English. Erm, never mind. Regardless of what you are trying (failing) to say here, I have never seen a game screenshot that cannot be reduced to a width of 320 pixels.

Originally posted by MarzAttakz
me:Over the Net was released in Europe by Genias, in the US by Merit, and was developed by Dardari Brothers. Its release date was 1990.
Where did you get this info from, I wonder?
?!?! What difference does that make? I think you asked me this once before and I told you then that I don't keep a database of where I get my info from. Either trust it or don't trust it. This info is not very hard to find out. In fact I just answered a similar question in a different thread. Sheesh! And for the record, I have an original of this game, as well, so maybe my info came from the manual? Maybe I should research where I got my info from? Sorry if I sound like a smart-ass here, but I cannot fathom why you would question where I get my info from. If you care to challenge it and find an error, I welcome that. At least that is constructive.

Originally posted by MarzAttakz
me:At Codetapper's site, there is a Rob Northen interview that lists most of the RNC games (at least the ones Rob remembers or the ones that were created in-house). I can't believe you didn't know this was here, considering how immersed you appear to be in the whole WHD genre.
Is it a complete list, though?
READ!!! Read my quote above and you will see the word MOST. Read the interview at Codetapper's site and see what it says about the games listed there. It says there that the list in complete. Any caveats are outlined in parenthesis in my quote above.

Honestly, I have never had to interpret my own post in quotes before. I suppose I asked for it by trying to help, but still...I need a tranquilizer!
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