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this got me thinking a smidge about more scairy amiga games...

well i have to admit there are a few out there that really put the wheels in motion when were talking atmosphere!!

Scairy Games that one must play

Awsome atmosphere and a few levels where the atmosphere gets really thick. there is one level where you are rushing through a toxic mine (EOB style) and each step kills you, there are traps too, and it swtiches you arround as well!!! man that bit has your heart racing!!!)

Docking without docking computers its..... lets say... relieves one constipation, not to mention getting into a fight and realising you forgot to save it!

I first remember playing this on the Atari ST (yes i was one of THOSE kids that had both) to begin with you might think it a little slow, and it is.... untill you get down to level 2 and meet ya first Xenomorph... it might be because it was the first game of its type that i hade played (not counting bards tale) that had the atmosphere... especially in the dark!

Here is another game I played first on the ST, some how the Amiga version was poor im comparrison!... but there was lots of atmosphere, especially when the sun went down and all manner of nasty thing came at you... especially when your walking your part from town to town etc...

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark
This has some great atmospheric graphics that draw you into the game.. well worthy of play... this would of been a much better game if at time it wasn`t sooo anoying!

Prey: An Alien Encounter
This game has the taste of something REALLY tasty... it has all the ingredients.... if only it was alloud to bake a little longer... it has its moments though... its a little cheeky!

Scairy Games I am yet to play

Trapped 2
This looks quite engrossing, it does have a high graphic detail that oozes atmosphere, I am just hoping it is playable on an 060 with a gfx card

i will add more later methinks.

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