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Thanks for the drive info, I'll take a look but I actually got it to work but the diskchange signal is nto working so I have to use the ADOS diskchange command. Great for a secondary drive but not as DF0: I would say. Also note that the drive you mentioned is a 720k or DD drive, take a look at the bottom of the drive unit, notice it missing the HD switch! I have one of these as well and I mark all drives as 720k if they indeed are missing this switch. This way I know they can be used as spare Amiga drives

I can't really comment on the 600 as I never owned one of these. Seems all the Amiga dealers in my area at least, sold mostly the 500/2000/1200 models and I rarely ever saw the 600 even on display. I think in some respects, in the Pacific NW that is, it was just not a popular machine.
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