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Smile Okay, onto gift number three...

3. Dune II: The Battle For Arrakis
Original, commercial, uncracked version

Well, what can I say? This could well be the sole strategy game that inspired Westwood to create Command & Conquer (which itself would become a strategy gaming icon) and beyond. This is uncracked, but I think there's a manual protection bit after you complete the first level, so that could be a major problem if you want to play the whole game.

Do any of the hackers on here (Codetapper, Amigaboy, Galahad etc.) know if it's possible to manually hack the manual protection out of the game with just a hex editor (like with Wizball and its disk protection)?

I checked all the disks (all files seem to be working and copyable, except for the following one) and only SAVEFAME.DAT on Disk 4 reports a checksum error when you try to copy it somewhere. I'm not sure if it's just my copy or it happens with all known copies, but it's not a major priority anyway, you can still play the game in general.

In the Zone as you finish reading this.

N.B. sometimes this game is also known as Dune II: Building Of A Dynasty (not sure if this is the console title or something else).
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