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Originally posted by jmmijo
Hmm, been playing around with a Teac FD-235HF that has a jumper block on it. The problem is trying to figure out the pins as the circuit side and the component side only have numbers and letters rather then a chart

I've looked on Aminet as well, there are some hacks that involve changing a floppy data cable.

I don't suppose you've seen this drive have you?
Well, I have a TEAC FD-235F from an A-500 here, so maybe your 235-FH is similar ?
To use it with the Amiga you have to close the following jumpers:

RD: ready Signal
DC: Diskchange Signal
D0: if you want to use it as internal DF0:
D1: if you want to use it as external DF!:

Other jumpers should be left free.

Also be careful with all those PC drive hacks from Aminet. The one where you just have to resolder the floppy cable just works with disks that use the standard Amigados routines for loading !
Games that have their own loader will not continue loading once the drive has stopped loading ( e.g. because of an intro ).

PC drives I know that can be jumpered to work with an Amiga are:
Chinon FZ-357
Some Matsushita drives
Panasonic JU..... ( don't know exact type now )
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