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Originally Posted by DrBong
AFAIK Amiga Inc. own nothing......they just licensed all Amiga IP from Gateway. Therefore Gateway still own the Amiga patents (and they may be swallowed up by ACER soon).
Interesting. Ok, so maybe it's Gateway who own the IP patents. But Amiga Inc. owns the name Amiga and all the trademarks and Logo's which is more important for an OCS system (where any hardware patent will have already expired).

Jeri hardly made any money on the DTV?
It depends what you mean. She certainly claims not to have made a cut of the profits.

That's not what Jens intimated to me in email a few months back when he spoke about the big loss he took on Jeri's C-One board.
I've heard this one before. The DTV was certainly a better bet for revenue than the C-One. The FPGA in the C-One was just too small and the over-complex PCB design made the board too expensive. Plus the opportunity to make an ASIC must have been too much to pass up.

Got anything from the horse's mouth or another reputable source saying she didn't make any real money out of the DTV?
Jeri said in an interview that that she didnt make "millions" or anything close to that. Jeri said she was paid a nominal salary and posted that its success (in terms of numbers of sales) came as a surprise to her. I'll google and see if I can find it. I think in the same interview / board post there was some talk about why there were going to be no C64 core updates for the C-one (or any other FPGA device) for X-Years and it was part of her contract.
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