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Patricia & Mick, thanks for the update.

You might not understand all this Amiga stuff, but looking around you'll soon see all the great things your son did. Some things might not seem so big but they helped someone, and more importantly will many more in the future.

Whilst peoples interest in reminiscing prevails, Amiga emulating will remain timeless - therefor so too will Paul's Guides, and in a virtual way so too shall Paul... for eternity in Amiga Land of course, where I think he could only be happy and away from any pain or illness in his earlier life.

That's how I'd like to picture him, you'll soon find a favourite way to picture him.

Early times now, but perhaps in the future sometime you'd like to do something like a charity event of a Paul's real family and friends vs his EAB friends at some online computer game (so EABers all over the whole world can play) or quiz. I did that with a real football match when a football-crazy friend of mine died at a young age. Nice tribute and I'm sure if people here agree (and you agree) it will be organised by someone smarter than I.
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