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Originally Posted by alexh
Jens cannot patent anything. All patents were owned by Amiga Inc. but for OCS they will have expired (in about 2004/2005).
AFAIK Amiga Inc. own nothing......they just licensed all Amiga IP from Gateway. Therefore Gateway still own the Amiga patents (and they may be swallowed up by ACER soon).

If the C64 DTV was such a success why isnt it still onsale?

Why did Jeri the author hardly make any money at all?
It's still on sale here in Australia. Dunno about elsewhere. Jeri hardly made any money on the DTV? That's not what Jens intimated to me in email a few months back when he spoke about the big loss he took on Jeri's C-One board. He said she didn't finish the C-One board properly (i.e. iron out all the bugs I think) coz there was a lot more money to be made with the DTV, which she concentrated her attention on instead. Got anything from the horse's mouth or another reputable source saying she didn't make any real money out of the DTV?

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