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It doesn't seem to matter now, I cut two screenshots off the image (not in a very professional way though, I just ran the game again and captured some new grabs ), and it seems to work okay now.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Twistin' Ghost
Marz, to begin with, the resolution of your pics is too wide. It forces us to have to scroll to see it all.
What resolution are you using? AFAIK the higher the resolution, the less likely you need to scroll across the page.

You should use the standard format we always post game pics with (two 320w images=640w).
I could, but I feel that some parts of the game garner grabs of their own...

You can still cram six images on there, I suppose, but constrict your width to 640 pixels so it fits.
Yeah, maybe I should've done it in a vertical way.... should I change it again, or is it okay as it is?

IE has a bug that they will never fix where it randomly thinks pics are bmp format, so you just have to live with that.
Hurry! If we flame Microsoft about the problem, they might just give in and sort it out...

The reason Opera probably still thinks the image is a PNG file is more than likely because the PNG file is still in your cache. I am using Opera and it tells me that it's a GIF file. That should have been the first thing you thought of, really.
I've sorted out the cache options in Opera now.

Over the Net was released in Europe by Genias, in the US by Merit, and was developed by Dardari Brothers. Its release date was 1990.
Where did you get this info from, I wonder?

At Codetapper's site, there is a Rob Northen interview that lists most of the RNC games (at least the ones Rob remembers or the ones that were created in-house). I can't believe you didn't know this was here, considering how immersed you appear to be in the whole WHD genre.
Is it a complete list, though?

@┬žane: okay, but GIFs can't be bitmaps surely?
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