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Originally Posted by DamienD
Luckily most of my computer / emulation stuff is stored on:

... 1 x 40GB external HDD
... 1 x 250GB external HDD
... 1 x 400GB external HDD

At the moment I'm in the middle of transferring the data for the same systems to a HDD, before I bought the 400GB (a few days ago) everything was spread about and becoming a pain to find
Most of these CDs were burned back when I was on a win 98 machine with a 5 GB HD, so needless to say I was forced to backup stuff all the time back then. Most of the stuff was actually crap that I found on the net and through eMule (and even Kazaa, back when it was teh shizniz). I did, however, come across quite a few things that are difficult to find anywhere these days... Recently I was looking for a HD install of Jupiter Probe and couldn't find it ANYwhere. Turned out I'd found one YEARS ago which was stored on a disc somewhere. Thanks to this proggy I could easily find which disc it was on and play it
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