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Jens cannot patent anything. All patents were owned by Amiga Inc. but for OCS they will have expired (in about 2004/2005).

I doubt he could even sell the design under license in the same way that an original peice of IP could be sold. Selling reverse engineered, cloned hardware without a license from Amiga Inc. on a world wide scale would be somewhat a grey area.

Integrating a cloned 68000 CPU would again be a grey area, they are still sold by Freescale and their instruction set is copyrighted rather than patented (Much longer lifespan). I have seen some teams try to sell 68k IP but the implementations are all very poor. The fact they are able to do not seek legal action could mean that Freescale cannot be bothered, or it could mean that they are ok with the idea.

What I think he could do is sell his own chips (but it costs a lot of money these days for a MASK set) so I guess he'll work for whatever company stumps up the cash, perhaps for a cut of the profits.

All pure speculation.

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