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Nope, still having problems.

Before, with the PNG file, it performed differently under IE and Opera:
IE - the picture simply wouldn't display at all. It would show the little X in the corner meaning it didn't load.
Opera - you could vaguely see the picture, but it seems "airbrushed" randomly over with sand-like effects, if Opera users see what I mean.

And with the GIF file:
IE - it only loads the top part of the picture and stops. When you try to save it it comes out as "untitled.bmp".
Opera - well, it's virtually behaving the same way as with PNG. And bizarrely, it thinks I'm still using the PNG picture. Is my post not using GIF? Is it possible for you to check, RCK?

Could the problems have something to do with the fact that it's quite big? The image shows six screenshots.
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